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Iam Sahithi .   Please check out my new website http://www.saraahscookbook.com.


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Who I am

about pageHello! welcome my foodies!  I am  Sahithi . I   write, cook and take pictures of  food.

This is my husband Rocky, the first person to taste my food and comment the +ve’s and  the -ve’s. He takes care of the technical things of my blog. Together we  are the Saraah’s Cookbook team.

Being a pampered kid !  I  never cooked at my  parents home! I did my Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. After my undergraduation,  time while i started applying for my Master’s in  United States, I started watching many of  travel and food channels. One of my favorites are Fox Life. I inspired to cook  many cuisines from different  shows   telecast on that channel . Soon after my wedding , I started my master’s in Engineering Management and my cooking trials . Once i graduated from my school.  I started   my full time food and cooking  blog in Feb’2017, which became my one of my favorite things to do.

I love cooking Indian food which consists of different cuisines in each region. In this blog one may find many Telangana(state where i come from) region foods, I love baking cakes, and trying different kinds of desserts. Anything which has dark chocolate is my favorite. I adore biryani’s, pastas , curry and noodles.

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