Paneer homemade(Indian Cottage Cheese)

Ingredients :

Whole milk – 40 Oz.

Vinegar/ lemon juice-2tbsp

Patience 😂

Preparation :

Take 40 Oz of whole milk.Place the milk in   using a heavy bottom pan  on stove top on a medium flame.

1) Boil it vigorously for at least the milk to reduce to half of it.

2)Once the milk is reduced to half, add vinegar or lemon juice to it.

3) once the milk start curdling  reduce the flame to low, and stir it continously for a minute or two until it curdles completely and leave light colored water from milk.

4) Take a strainer and a bowl. Strain the rest of the milk into a bowl.

5) To avoid the taste of lemon juice / Vinegar, pour water over paneer and takeout the juices from it.

6) once it is done place it on a kitchen towel or a muslin cloth and wrap it around.

7) Once the cloth is wrapped.Place a heavy weight on it and set it for at least 30-45 minutes.

8) After 40 minutes,paneer is ready to  cut them into small cubes 

9) Store them in a container and refrigerate them. They are good for  4-5 days.

10) Enjoy it in your favorite curries or biryani.
Note: If Milk doesn’t curdle add extra lemon juice or Vinegar.

Don’t forget to strain it using water.That will help in removing the flavor of vinegar or lemon juice from it.

Always have patience and plenty of time before you plan to make it.



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