Home-made icecream (without icecream machine)

Ingredients :

1can of  cold heavy whipping cream -16 FL.OZ 

1can of  cold sweetened condensed milk – 14 OZ

A hand  beater  (or) stand mixer

Preparation :

1) Place condensed milk in refrigerator at least for 24 hours to keep it cold.

2) Beat heavy cream in a stand mixer or with a beater in a mixing bowl until it attains stiff peaks.

3) Add  sweetened condensed milk into the bowl of whipped cream. (Stir in vanilla extract if needed).

4) Turn on the beater and beat the mixture in a high speed setting until the mixture is thick and stiff peaks.

5) Now the icecream base is ready! You can customize your icecream to the flavor you want.and mix with spatula.

6) pour the icecream base and store it in air tight container for atleast an overnight, and your icecream base is ready.

7) I added Strawberry puree that I made earlier to the icecream and mixed it spatula and freeze it for overnight.

8) Top icecream with your favorite toppings.

For best results use store bought heavy whipping  cream and sweetened condensed milk can.

Keep your condensed milk can and whipping cream can in refrigerator.

Have  a great weekend ahead.

Lots of love,



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