Indo -Chinese Chicken hakka noodles with a twist 

Ingredients :

Noodles cake -1-1/2 cake

Carrots-1 (diced)

Chicken Sausage -2 (diced)

Capsicum -1/2 


Mushrooms (diced)-1/2 cup

Tomato -1 (roughly chopped)

Garlic (diced)- 2-3 cloves

Olive oil- 5 tsp 

Salt to taste

Soya sauce-1 tsp

Tomato sauce -1 tsp

Preparation :

Boil water in a large sauce pan, add oil, salt to it.

Once the water is fully boiled add noodles and cook for 4 minutes and transfer it to strainer and place the noodles under cool water to avoid noodles sticking to each other.

Keep them aside.

Sauce preparation :

1) Toss diced sausage for 2 minutes and keep them aside.

2)  To the pan add oil, add onions, green bell pepper, mushrooms and cook until they become translucent. Add tomatoes to the pan, add salt, and close the lid and let them cook for 3-4 minutes on low-medium flame.

3) Add cooked sausage and give it a stir.

4) Add soy sauce and tomato sauce to the cooked veggies.

5) Add noodles to the pan and toss it for a while  on a low flame and turn off the flame.

Note: You can add more vegetables, to the sauce.

You can even replace hakka noodles with quinoa pasta or your favorite pastas.

Have  a great week ahead.

Lots of love, 



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