Nuts-cardamomspice Homemade icecream without icecream maker 

Ingredients :

Pistachios  (unsalted) – 2tbsp 

Cashew- 1tsp

Almonds-1 tbsp

Cardamom powder -1tsp
Preparation :

1)Blend all the nuts together until they are coarse.

2)Add cardamom powder to it.

3)Keep them aside.
4)For icecream base recipe please click on link below
5) To the icecream base add nuts and fold the mixture slowly.
6) Store it in an airtight container and freeze for good 6 hours or until it sets.


1) It is good to consume  for upto  15 days.

2) You can make your own flavors, please comment for more icecream flavors.
Have a great weekend ahead.



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