Idli recipe with idli rawa 

Ingredients :

Idli rawa (cream of rice) – 1 cup

Urad dal -1 cup 

Salt to taste 

Oil for greasing the moulds

Method of preparation :

1) Cleanse the Urad dal 2-3 times and soak it in water for 6 hours

2) Cleanse the idli rawa with water and soak it for 6 hours 

3)After 6-7 hours, drain the water from Urad dal, blend the Urad dal into a smooth paste and add little bit of water if needed, 

4) Remove the excess water from  idli rawa and add it to the Urad mixture and give it a stir, let the mixture ferment overnight and double.

5) once the mixture is fermented, 

6) Grease the idli moulds with oil and using a laddle, pour the batter into the moulds, repeat the process for each tray and put it in a idli cooker with some water in bottom of cooker and steam the idlis for 10-12 minutes .

Serve the idlis hot-hot with peanut chutney or ghee (clarified butter) on top with some gun powder 


1)If you are living in a cold country and if the batter did not ferment well you can add a pinch of  enofruit salt (no flavor) and give it a stir and use it immediately.

2)For  perfect soft idlis always use 1:1 ratio of dal and rawa.


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